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Hello God!

Thank You for the Flower of Life. It is the gift of Forgiveness. For visualising my thoughts I am happy to share with you warm, sunny and beautiful paintings by Andrea Bruek.

You know after publishing the previous post about the plane catastrophe I have met a really devastating sense of powerless and meaningless about life. As a snow ball is getting larger, circling around and around in a snow abyss, the ball of my dark and heavy thoughts was getting larger and larger until I was trapped completely in the cage of fears and doubts.

Please forgive me for this behaviour.

Peaceful Beach

Forgiveness is our life long path. It is ongoing, always a work in progress. There is a place we can meet. You and me. I am waiting for you here. Please help me to stop recycling anger and blame.


With the flower of life by the words of Paul Ferrini I am asking: “From the depth of my soul, I call out for growth. I pray to be released from my burdens and to discover and express my gifts. From deep within my pain, I call for peace. From deep within my co-dependency, I call for the courage and the freedom to be myself, to forgive myself, and to forgive all others.”

Gods Garden of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is how we bring peace to ourselves and our world.

Thank You for your forgiveness and I am happily keeping your hand in mine here sitting on the bench of Peace.

Have a forgiving week!

Hello God!

Thank You for our hearts. Today in the mourning choir our hearts are weeping about 295 people dead in Malaysian jet crash. 80 children were aboard. How we can hold it? The statue tells more than words can describe…

Pain and the questions without answer are desperately pulsating in our hearts: Why? What for?


“Lacrimosa” from “Requiem for My Friend” by Zbigniew Preisner holds us in the Universe hands and our heart’s voices are expressing the pain of loss in the grand unison. When do we understand that we all are connected – tears in Ukraine are reflecting in our eyes now?! From Netherlands to Malaysia sharp pain is covering the whole world.

Where is the difference who is right or wrong if our children are dying because of war games a “very important” politicians play?

Ah! that day of tears and mourning!
From the dust of earth returning
man for judgment must prepare him;
Spare, O God, in mercy spare him!

Lord, all pitying, Jesus blest,
grant them thine eternal rest.

Sorry I can not write. Tears are rolling down…

Thank you for your heart. I believe that we can make our world better even if our hearts are singing in the mourning choir – but we are singing in the grand unison together. Thank you for sharing with me my pain – I am much more better now.


I am lying on grass of sweet meadow. I feel beauty of July on my cheeks. Have a happy and sunny July!

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Hello God!

Thank You for the breeze of tenderness I am feeling on my cheek now.

Serene shore in silent morning
Orchids of orange joy
Lovers as natural as waves
Children laughing in the breeze
Ships as mystical as stars
How can I make you feel beautiful?..


The interrupted sleep by Francois Boucher, 1750

Have a tender weekend!

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Hello God!

Thank You for this morning. I am so happy to celebrate my first today’s hours with bird’s singing and happy writing.

This morning was going to be happy for inhabitants of Brest Fortress 73 years ago… Ordinary people, cooks, musicians, soldiers, doctors, civilians become suddenly, on this fateful morning, heroes, they want it or not, they like it or not.

On 22 June 1941, soon after 3am, the first German shells smashed into the Soviet frontier fortress of Brest – Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa had begun. Today is the first day of the Second World War on the territory of my country.


Persistent rumors that the Germans were cranking up preparations for a breakthrough on the border were considered as sabotage and eventually suppressed. The initial artillery fire took the absolutely unprepared fortress by surprise.


“- This fortress, fortress here, we keep the defense, – This fortress, fortress here, we keep the defense…”

The Germans had allowed twelve hours to secure the area, but it took them nine days! The Brest Fortress became the place where the invaders lost 5% of their East Front deadcount within the first week of war.


One of the dramatic pages of defence of the Brest fortress was an acute water shortage. The approaches to the water were fired – a lot of fighters and commanders died trying to obtain precious drops.


The walls of the red citadel keeps the last good bye from unnamed hero: “We’ll die but we’ll not leave the fortress”. “I’m dying but I won’t surrender. Farewell, Motherland. 20.VII.41.

The heroic defence of Brest is the legend of the Second World War on the Eastern Front. The film “Brestskaya Krepost” (“Fortress of War”) tells much more. Strongly recommended.

Thank You for this possibility to share with you something really important. We live and we have to remember the price for our today’s happy and peaceful morning.


Hello God!

Thank You for Your Fibers we all are knitted and come from. I even see You on the sky and observe how You are knitting us from Sun and Moon light fibers. All the while, click… click… click… go the knitting needles.

My today’s inspiration comes from a tiny wool knitted doll I have found between my daughter’s toys. The doll is so warm and radiates a happy vibrations of unknown creator. The thought “We all are knitted” have embraced my mind and you see the result of this happy hug.

The photos are from amigurumi forum. Did you know that amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small toys?

King and Queen

God sits knitting

In the carriage of a clouds.

His golden needles

As swallow birds twitter.

They sparkle and glimpse

In divine Harmony,

Universe pulsates.


With the perfect rhythm of the wheels –

Beating ceaselessly as metronome

God sits knitting and

Strips of tiny loops create

An eyes like dewdrops

And smiling Life is born!


We all are knitted on the heavens

The Sun, the Moon, the Ocean

The Earth – Lights are the fibers

We are created by, with Master’s Love.


We are the Masterpiece

We are the same.

The video below reminds us we are connected but the very fiber we are keeping on now is not endless.

Sky Amigurumi is the greatest art in the Universe and the Master plays perfectly.

Thank You for our connection – it is happiness to feel your eyes now. I am smiling now, know you are with me.

Hello God!

Thank You for today. On June 16, 1963, at the age of 26, Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman to fly in space!

Valentina spent almost three days in space and orbited Earth 48 times. She conducted biomedical and science experiments to learn about the effects of space on the human body, took photographs that helped identify aerosols in the atmosphere and manually piloted the ship. Her call sign for the flight was Chaika (Seagull). Chaika

“If women can be railroad workers in Russia, why can’t they fly in space?”  Valentina explained the decision to fly in space. After several months of intensive and secretive training, she was nominated and confirmed by Nikita Khrushchev himself to become the first woman in space.

“Hey, sky! Take off your hat, I’m coming!” she said in the seconds prior to liftoff.


“Ya Chaika, Ya Chaika [I am Seagull]! I see the horizon [...] This is the Earth; how beautiful it is. Everything goes well.”


Valentina Seagull has a nest. She gave birth to daughter Yelena, who was the first person to have both a mother and father who had traveled into space.


“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding. Find out what you already know and you will see the way to fly.” –  I am reading in “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach now.

“You will see the way to fly” – we see the sense of the words embodied in Valentina Tereshkova Monument at the site of Vostok 6 landing.

Thank You for flying with me.


Hello God!

Thank You for Summer and happy sounds of music playing in every souls and hearts celebrating the most wonderful season in year. As for me this music is jazz syncopated tune of “Hello Dolly” by Louis Armstrong.

Miracle has just happened – I have met the Angel of Louis Armstrong and his divine jazz band!  The Angel’s name is June Armstrong!


Do you recognise him? I did it from the first sight. Marina Chaikovskaya, the artist, has created the angel and I have met Louis Amstrong’s soul in him. The experience is astonishing and I am happy to share it with you. Please, see in these soulfully closed eyes and his living trumpet – the Angel’s inspiration reflects in your own lungs!

You know it is extremely difficult to write about jazz. How to describe something aural we can simply feel. He plays jazz and lives in his music. We are happily dancing with the Angel of Louis. That June-Louis knows how to agitate every our cells!


June-Louis’s band is supporting divine rhythmical motion and structure of our whole world. We respond with our bodies and our feelings.

As life jazz is built on the unexpected. Louis Armstrong says “My whole life has been happiness. Through all my misfortunes, I did not plan anything. Life was there for me, and I accepted it. And life, whatever came out, has been beautiful to me, and I love everybody.” Accepting life in the full gamma in major and minor is a good lesson from divine June-Louis jazz band we can learn.


“We have all the time in the world
Just for love
Nothing more, nothing less
Only love

Only love.” Louis Armstrong is singing and we are his chorus the Angel with a trumpet is conducting…

Thank you for feeling and singing the song. Summer promises to be very happy. We will enjoy June!


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